S.TREE brand launched in Seoul and was born from the creative house 'The Yeowoon'
The identities of blue stones, holes, and scratches represent the uniqueness of S.TREE.
All of the works are handcrafted with craftsmanship.
Finishing with Lapis lazuli and diamond will add the value of art.
S.TREE desires to be more experimental and creative, and our desires will lead to meet
to the level of enjoyment more than just decorations in the act of wearing jewelry.

The S.TREE brand was founded in Seoul by the creative jewelry company 'The Yeowoon.'
S.TREE's distinctiveness is represented by the identities of blue stones, holes, and scratches.
All of the scratches are meticulously handcrafted with craftmanship.
The addition of Lapis lazuli and diamonds will enhance the art's worth.
S.TREE aspires to be more experimental and creative, and these aspirations will lead
to a level of satisfaction that extends beyond just ornamentation in the process of wearing jewelry.

서울을 기반으로 런칭한 브랜드 S.TREE는 크리에이티브 하우스
'The Yeowoon'에 의해 탄생되었습니다.

블루와 타공, 스크레치와 움직임의 아이덴티티를 골드와 다이아,
라피스라줄리를 통하여 수공예적인 행위로 전개합니다.

우리는 보다 실험적이고 창의적이기를 원하며 당신의 주얼리를 착용하는
행위에 대하여 단순한 장식 그 이상의 즐거움을 추구합니다.


'Eulb' is the art space of the brand S.TREE.

The word 'Elub' is derived from the reversed word BLUE.
S.TREE strives to reverse any preconceptions about jewelry design
with our signature blue stone, Lapis Lazuil.

'bluE-Eulb' 우리는 그저 블루를 뒤집었습니다. 편견을 뒤집기 위하여.

'Eulb'는 브랜드 S.TREE의 아트스페이스 입니다.
회화적, 조형적, 설치적, 행위적 그 어떤 예술이든 우리는 함께 표현에 대한
욕망을 시각화하며 'Eulb studio'를 통하여 기획하고 전시합니다.