Fate is like coincidence, Uooyeon Geumbang.

Jeong Soon Hee, who started working at a small gold & silver store outside of Seoul to get tuition fees, met jewelery like a fate.

Entering the center of jewelry, Jong-ro.

She is who active drove a carrier filled with goods at Wholesale street where many shops were gathered and went to wherever in the country where customer was every day.

Open ‘Cool Jewelry’ Wholesale

The wholesale store, which was a new challenge to take one step further to customers , protected the site from the numerous changes based on the trust.

Value of dignity, Suri Tree.

Her efforts, which wanted a system to manufacture the designed products, can be distributed all over the country based on Jongro Branch and Busan Branch. The Brand has development that can communicate directly with consumers beyond wholesale. a variety of jewels that have beautiful natural colors and value jewel that stand out and ‘Suri Tree’ which has a unique shape that grow with the jewelry brand that has high dignity of everyday.