All the design concepts of S.TREE jewelry are can only be expresaed by handmade by craftmans with surface texture of unique metal based on the luxurious to conveying the beauty to customers

STEP1. Concept

S.TREE starts from all the beauty of everyday life. Small specialties gather to create a pleasant imagination.

STEP2. Design

Fun imaginations are transformed into concrete shapes from the designer’s fingertips. We do not miss the trivial parts and we are ready to be born with more special products.

STEP3. Form production

More than 20 years of experience transferring imagination to reality Not only does the production team fully implement the design with the hands of the craftsman, but it also creates the invisible parts for a comfortable fit.

STEP4. Sculpture, Setting

The gemstones that retain their natural beauty are also set through delicate processing through the master’s hand.

STEP5. Finishing, polishing

The rough surface and the uncorrected shape are produced by the last polishing process.

STEP6. Inspection, completion

We always carry out thorough inspection after finishing to maintain the highest quality. We check the completeness of the overall product, such as fine scratches that may occur during work and bite of jewelry, and then ship it.