CEO Message

Customer’s color

I have been thinking about expressing beauty through jewelery for a long time. Although the standards of beauty have changed according to the times and culture, hope to be able to believe in the beauty of original, which anyone has regardless of the standard, with brilliant value.

We believe that everyone has their own color.

The colors are as bright as the spectrum passing through the prism, but it is not easy to express.

S.TREE is a fabulous color that brings out the sharp and deep-colored natural gemstones and colors, and a unique metal surface texture that can be expressed only by hand made and want to convey the beauty to the customers based on the luxury of this.

Hope that S.TREE will be able to find out the ‘color’ of oneself that is shining more than anyone.

S.TREE will value your relationship with customers.

S.TREE performs rigorous and detailed processes from planning, design, production and inspection to perfect quality of all products delivered to customers.

In addition, S.TREE strives to maintain a close relationship with our customers and to have a positive impact on the precious value of the natural resources we use.

Customer’s color

S.TREE is a promise to be with our customers.