Handmade Jewelry brand ‘Suritree’ online mall opens to enhance quality

Handmade Jewelry brand ‘Suritree’ online mall opens to enhance quality

Said that it operates an online mall in the Suritree of a handmade & custom-made jewelry brand that captivates the emotions with its emotional and unique design.

The Suritree which started in ‘COOL Jewely’ in 2003, got a great response from Korea Jewelery Fair exhibition and broadcast support since 2012. It is also a high-quality jewelery brand attracting attention by various actions such as winning the 2014 International Jewelery Design Competition Grand Prize, the MOU related to the jewelery industry development of Seoul National University of Science and Technology, and the MOU related to technology development at Inuk University.

In particular, all designs are made up of products that have been registered with the design, and trendy products are being introduced through custom-made manufacturing processes.

Suritree is unique in its sophisticated and elegant design, offering jewelery worthy of more value than other jewelery brands. In addition, customers can customize the materials and gemstones to customize the production process, so that only one can see the jewelery of elegant design.

in Suritree, “Online Mall operation makes it easier to purchase Suritree jewelry not only offline but also online. In the Suritree, where customer satisfaction is our top priority, we are doing our best to provide professional consultation and after-sales services due to the nature of custom-made products that are difficult to cancel or return”.

In fact, Suritree is not only pre-order consulting at online malls, but also enhancing customer satisfaction by practicing lifetime A/S system.

CEO Jung Soon-hee expressed his ambition, “It is a product of oriental and western harmony, a product of artistic soul, and I will show a work of art more than wearing simple ornaments”.

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